Sedo Weekly Sales Report- November 5 to November 11

Sedo Weekly Sales Report- November 5 to November 11

In report of sales, covering the week of November 5 to November 11, was in first position selling at the value 59,000$.

This week, the second place of Sedo’s chart goes to for 28,215$, followed by at 27,999$ and at the value of 24,500$. A few’s sold with for 20,500$ and at 16,000$, while sold out for 10,000$.

Overall, only 12 .com domains out of 38 Sedo .com transactions of 2,000$ or higher, could reach a 5-figure sales price. It is one entry down in comparison to last week (39 Sedo .com’s).

For the ccTLD section of the chart, it was that achieved the biggest transaction value at 25,000$. report of sales reported no other 5-figure sale in this part of the chart. (5,900 EUR) followed immediately in the chart. Thereafter, to continue with, and, sold at the value of 5,000 EUR.

Meanwhile, some notable transactions included the 2-letter pd.ed sold at 4,675 EUR, the single-word reaching a value of 4,000$ and the 3-letter for 3,488$.

This week’s chart counted in all 24 ccTLD domains that sold at the price of 2,000$ or higher. The 17 sales of last week or the 19 transactions from the week before that, are much better than the sales of this week.  Auction leaders sort out in the following order: .de with 8 listings; .ch, .co,, .es and .in, with 2 listings.

On section Other, show up 6 transactions of 2,000$ or higher in total. Last week count a considerable decrease from the 10 similar sales. Even though sales number hit double-digits, situation is not as interesting as in previous week report.

This section was led by with sale number 5,000$. Second in line is at 3,500$. Followed afterwards by a pair of .group domains as and sold for 3,000EUR and 2,938$ . For the first time in a long time, it splited the Other section between the old and new gTLD’s.


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