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We don’t charge to transfer .al, .com.al or any other AL domains in or out - of our system.


Zero technical knowledge required. If help is still needed our experts are on hand to assist.


Our transfer process is automated. Once the transfer data are provided it is activated.

Prepare your domain for transfer

Please ensure that:

  • Verify that your Registrant Email Address is accurate
  • Get your domain name’s Auth-Code from your existing Domain Provider

If it is a transfer in

If it is a transfer within iRegister

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What is a domain name transfer?

A domain name transfer is the process of changing your domain name registrar from the company that maintains your domain registration to a new registrar. At iRegister, we ensure the process is simple and painless so you can get on with your day.

Will i loose the remaining time I have with current Registrar?

NO, you will not lose the remaining time of your domain validity, it gets carried over.

How long does the transfer process takes?

The transfer of .al domains and its sub domains normally is done within a few minutes. However, for the other domain extensions it depend on the extension. Most domain TLDs offer quick transfer process.

How can I move a domain from one iRegister account to another?

To  transfer a domain within iRegister the giving party, the owner of the domain, should login and open a support ticket asking for e Push Request. The owner must state in the ticket the email of the receiving party, where the domain is going to be transferred (new owner). Be careful to write the receiving party email correctly. The email of receiving party, serves to identify him in our system.

What is an Auth/EPP code?

A domain authorization code (also referred to as an Auth Code or an EPP Code) provides an extra level of security for the domain name registration. This code is unique to each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time of registration.

Do I need to wait till my domain name is about to expire before transferring?

NO. However, we encourage you to star  your domain transfer well before expiry date. This way you can ensure you don’t run into complications during the process.

How can I get the Auth/EPP Code of my domain?

Each registrar has its own procedures on how to obtain the Auth/EPP code. In most cases you have to contact your registrar support team and ask for the Auth/EPP code.

How much does it cost a domain transfer?

The .al and it sub domains transfer to iRegister is free. For other extensions the transfer costs depend on the extension, but it normally costs less than the standard renewal price. The cost mostly apply because we need to renew the domain. This will be done at our low prices. Our system will automatically let you know if a renewal fee applies to any of your domains when you go through the transfer procedure.

Will the nameservers associated with my domain be transferred over?

The nameservers for the domain will remain the same during the transfer, unless you are using some FreeDNS service that is bundled with your domain. Therefore, if you are hosting the DNS for the domain on your own or with a web hosting company, they will be transferred over and there shouldn’t be any downtime for the domain.
If you use your registrar’s default nameservers and want to avoid downtime during transfer, we advise you to do the following:

  • ensure that your domain is using a backup DNS service, not related to your current registrar
  • once your domain starts using the back DNS service you can initiate a transfer

In addition, if you still have doubts about the service availability during domain transfer please contact our staff to advise you on the process.