FAQ - Domain Registration

I am not albanian, can I register .al domain?

YES, you can. Even if you are not Albanian resident you can still register .al domain. AL domain regulation requires that administrative contact of each .al domain  to be Albanian resident. We provide free trustee service to all foreign citizens that would like to register .al domain.

What happens if my domains is refused after my payment is done ?

In case your domain registration is refused and you already have made your payment we refund you either by adding credits to your account in our system or refunding through payment gateway.

Can my domain registration be refused ?

Yes, according to EPCA (Electronic and Postal Communications Authority) regulation on domain registration, the Registry  can refuse the domain registration if the data provided from Registrant are not correct or incomplete. In case the name of your domain is classified as reserved or forbidden name in EPCA regulation, the domain registration is refused to. We encourage our clients to consult the list of forbidden and reserved domains list (here) or the registry of registered trademarks (here)

How can I buy a domain name ?

Buying a domain is easy. Start by typing in the exact domain you want, or just keywords you’re interested in, into the domain search tool. When you find one you like, add it to your cart, and check out like you normally would.

How can I register the best domain ?

A great domain name is a concise, easy to type, and memorable URL. Also it reflects your brand or your website’s subject matter. Avoid using hyphens, strings of numbers, or unnecessary words to make it easy for your visitors to remember and find your website. Remember: A great domain name is one that your visitors can type correctly on their first try.

Why are domain names important ?

A domain name is the foundation of your website. It’s how your website visitors navigate to your site, and it plays a role in how people discover you online. It’s often the first impression that potential visitors get of you and your website as well. So it is important to register the best domain name possible.

What is a domain?

In short a domain or domain name is a string (e.g iregister.al) that allows people to easily navigate web servers and web pages. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. Domain names are organized in subordinate levels (subdomains) of the DNS root domain, which is nameless. The first-level set of domain names are the top-level domains (TLDs), including the generic top-level domains (gTLDs), such as the prominent domains com, info, net, edu, and org, and the country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) like .al, .de, etc... Below these top-level domains in the DNS hierarchy are the second-level and third-level domain names (e.g .com.al, .net.al) that are typically open only for specific groups or purposes. All domain names are unique. This means there can be only one iregister.al in the world. You cannot register a name once it is registered by others. The registration of these domain names is usually administered by domain name registrars who sell their services to the public.

For 3rd levels, such as .COM.AL, what documents/information (if any) do you require from the registrant?

For the 3rd level domains the following apply:
  1.  Company ID addition field is mandatory.
  2.  .com.al requires as additional documents company registration certificate. Only Public Limited Company or Trading Person can have legal status.
  3.  .org.al requires as additional document the license that company ID be provided. Only Public Limited Company can have legal status.
  4.  .edu.al requires as additional document the license from the Ministry of Education in Albania. Only Public Limited Company or Public Entity/Organisation can have legal status.
  5.  In some cases the Registry (AKEP) can ask for ID card. This is mostly in cases when the domain is a trademark.

For .AL which does not require trustee, what documents/information do you require from the registrant?

Well, the .AL domain requires 4 additional data:
  1. Company ID -> This is optional for .al domain but mandatory 3rd level domains
  2. Document Type ->  Can be any of  the following:
    •  Identity Card
    •  Passport
    •  Social Number
  3. Organization Identification Number ID Number -> of the registrant.
  4. Legal Status -> Can be any of the following:
    •  Public Limited Company -> Requires Company ID to be filled
    •  Public Entity/Organisation -> Requires Company ID to be filled (this is mostly for .gov.al)
    •  Trading Person -> Requires Company ID to be filled
    •  Individual

How long does .al domain registration typically take?

Our domain registration system handles the domain registration application. As soon as you clear the domain invoice, our system forwards automatically your .al domain registration request to the REGISTRY. According to .al domain regulation, REGISTRY (AKEP) can take up to 3 working days to approve your domain registration request. During this time the REGISTRY  verifies:
  1. Registrant data are complete, and
  2. Domain name is not a reserved word or is a registered trademark / brand
Typically it takes 24 hours for .al domain registration approval. However, there are cases when the registration approval can take longer than 3 days. If you would like to speed up the .al domain registration process, please open an ticket or contact us

What are the registration terms allowed?

.al domains can be active for a maximum period of 10 years. This means that during registration, the domain can be registered for a 10 year period max. But the renewal can be done for a max of 9 years.

I need hosting/email/other things for my website. Can I get it through iRegister.al ?

Of course! We have offer everything from flexible hosting plans to SSL certificates, and have several options for custom email. Please contact us with your specific requirements and our staff will gladly help you.

Can I register a .al sub domain like: .com.al , .edu.al , .org.al , .net.al , .mil.al , .gov.al ?

These sub domains are reserved for specific target groups. The .gov.al and .mil.al are government and military usage only and are not registered form Registrars. We can register only: .com.al – You must provide documentation that you are registered company in Albania. .net.al – You must provide documentation that you are networking company registered in Albania. .edu.al – You must provide documentation that you are educational institution registered in Albania. .org.al – You must provide documentation that you are a non-government organization registered in Albania.

FAQ - Domain Transfer

We have domains at another trustee provider. What is the process to complete these transfers?

Yes the transfer is FREE, INSTANT and there is NO DOWTIME during the process. To transfer the domains from the other registrar you have to ask from your actual registrar the EPP CODE for each domain. You send us the list of domains with respective EPP CODE and we do the transfer process. Of course you can do this process yourself by creating an account , login into our system and entering the EPP Code for each domain. The transfer through EPP Code doesn't mandate the Registrant involvement.

Will the nameservers associated with my domain be transferred over?

The nameservers for the domain will remain the same during the transfer, unless you are using some FreeDNS service that is bundled with your domain. So, if you are hosting the DNS for the domain on your own or with a webhosting company, they will be transferred over and there shouldn't be any downtime for the domain. If you use your registrar's default nameservers and want to avoid downtime during transfer, we advise you to do the following:

  • ensure that your domain is using a backup dns service, not related to your current registrar
  • once your domain starts using the back dns service you can initiate a transfer
If you still have doubts about the service availablity during domain transfer please contact our staff to advise you on the process.

How much does it cost a domain transfer?

The .al and it sub domains transfer to iRegister is free. For other extensions the transfer costs depend on the extension, but it normally costs less than the standard renewal price. The cost mostly apply because we need to renew the domain. This will be done at our low prices. Our system will automatically let you know if a renewal fee applies to any of your domains when you go through the transfer procedure.

How can i move a domain from one iregister account to another?

To transfer a domain within iRegister the giving party, the owner of the domain, should login and open a support ticket asking for e Push Request. The owner must state in the ticket the email of the receiving party, where the domain is going to be transferred (new owner). Be careful to write the receiving party email correctly. The email of receiving party, serves to identify him in our system.

How can i get the auth/epp code of my domain?

Each registrar has its own procedures on how to obtain the Auth/EPP code. In most cases you have to contact your registrar support team and ask for the Auth/EPP code.

How long does the transfer process takes?

The transfer of .al domains and its sub domains normally is done within a few minutes. For the other extensions it depend on the extension.

Do i need to wait till my domain name is about to expire before transferring?

No, we encourage that you transfer your domain name well before expiry to ensure you don’t run into complications.

Will i loose the remaining time i have with current registrar?

NO, you will not lose the remaining time of your domain validity, it gets carried over.

What is an auth/epp code?

A domain authorization code (also referred to as an Auth Code or an EPP Code) provides an extra level of security for the domain name registration. This code is unique to each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time of registration.

What is a domain name transfer?

A domain name transfer is the process of changing your domain name registrar from the company that maintains your domain registration to a new registrar. At iRegister, we ensure the process is simple and painless so you can get on with your day.

FAQ - Shared Hosting

If a domain does expire, can it be restored? Is there a redemption period? Fees?

.AL domain has a 30 days grace period. During this period the domain is deleted from .AL zone and is not reachable on internet. If no renewal is issued during this period then the domain is completely deleted and is free to be registered from other registrants. There is NO redemption period for .al domain.

Do domains automatically renew upon expiration? If so, can we turn this off?

The default behavior of our system is to renew automatically. However the renew process is not executed if your account doesn't have enough credit to cover the renewal invoice. You can switch off this feature for each domain individually.

Are there any fees for DNS updates, ownership updates, etc?

NO.  These are free services. You can fully manage such operation through your account.

How do I upgrade from Shared Hosting to a Virtual Machine or a Dedicated Server?

Purchase the Virtual Machine or the Dedicated Server. Request the Technical Team to move the Domain Name from the Shared Hosting Package to your new Machine.

What if I accidentally delete a file or folder on my site? Is it lost forever?

No. If you have activated the Automatic Back-up, we provide full backup on all of the web sites hosted on our servers and can restore a file or site for you any time you like at no charge.

Do you include protection from Spam and Viruses?

Yes. We offer Config Server Mail Scanner to scrub your email every day, remove spam/viruses, and send you a daily quarantine digest so you can double check for anything that may have been caught in the crossfire.

Do you have an uptime guarantee for shared hosting?

We most definitely do. We include a 100% web hosting uptime guarantee for all shared hosting plans.

Can I host more than one web site or domain on my IREGISTER Shared Hosting Plan?

Absolutely. All our shared hosting plans include the ability to host unlimited domains. You can host different divisions of your company, personal sites, development projects, whatever you want.

Will my site be down or will I lose email if I choose to move my business to IREGISTER’s shared hosting?

No. With our help and using the tools we provide, you’ll be able to test your new site before it goes “live” to ensure it’s functioning properly and the transition is seamless to your customers.

Where are your servers located ?

All of our servers are based in the ALBANIA.

How do I manage my hosting account ?

All our shared hosting accounts come with a Control Panel, which enable you to manage your account online with ease. We also offer support via email, telephone and our ticket system.

How long does it take for a new account to be setup ?

All new hosting accounts are setup instantly.

Do I get email with my Hosting Package ?

All our hosting accounts include email addresses/mailboxes as standard. We also provide an outgoing mail (SMTP) server for your own use. In order to create new email addresses/mailboxes you must log in to your control panel and click the appropriate button.

Can I buy shared hosting without a domain name ?

While they both work together, the domain name and the web hosting service are two different things and each function in different ways. A domain name can be purchased without web hosting. These domains are considered ‘parked’ until such time as their name servers are delegated (or pointed) to a web host.

What is shared hosting ?

A number of different customers could be served by the one machine. An individual server could cater for a number of different hosting accounts, each with an allocated amount of storage and bandwidth.