Sedo Sales Report – October 29 to November 4

Sedo Sales Report – October 29 to November 4

Domain sales during October 29 – November 04 2018 at SEDO.COM was lead by with a value of $150,000 followed by with 102,501 EUR transaction.The latest sales report released by covers the period from 29/10/2018 – 04/11/2018.

This week was marked by a couple of 6-figure sales, though still not as high as those of October 8 to October 14.

It was that achieved the biggest value of 150,000 USD leading the entire Sedo chart. Followed next, for the .COMs, by 46,000 USD from and two other 5-figure transactions, such as and each sold at the value of 15,000 USD.

On the .COM section were also some Pizza-based domains, as (7,500 USD) and (4,500 USD).

Meanwhile, single-word performed poorly at only 2,500 USD.

In all, there were 39 Sedo .COM transactions of 2 000$ or higher, which is very close to the 40 transactions from last week, but a bit far from the 47 of 2 weeks back.

The ccTLD section also begins with an important transaction. The 2-letter sold for a massive 102,501 EUR thus holding a solid second place on the Sedo chart. The only other domains which achieved a 5-figures value were (18, 700 EUR) and (16, 500 USD).

The chart contains also several 3-letter domain sales, including (3,000 GBP), (3,500 USD), and (2,655 EUR).

Overall, there were 17 ccTLD domain sales that reached a price of at least 2,000 USD, the transactions leaders of this section following this order: .DE (8 listings), .CO.UK (2), and single entries for .CN, .CO, .FR, .IN, .IO, .IT, and .PL.

Section Others was led by, which sold for a nice amount of 20,000 USD, followed by two more old guard domains, (4,500 EUR) and (3,300 USD). In this chart, domain sales from the .NET and .ORG are 7 in total (3 .NET and 4 .ORG), still, making up the majority of transactions in this area, with .INFO (2) and .CLUB also charting. A total of 10 Other transactions of 2,000 USD or higher are counted, which is better compared to the 7 sales of last week, and an even bigger increase against the 3 sales from 2 weeks ago.

Sedo sales were plausible this week. All three sections showed interesting performance, with about 66 transactions of 2,000 $ or higher in total.

Best sales performance goes to and

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