What is an addon domain and how does it works?

What is an addon domain and how does it works?

What is an Addon Domain ?

An additional domain is a secondary domain, which is administered using the same control panel interface (most often cPanel) as the primary domain with which it is coupled. Its associated files are also hosted on the same server as those associated with the primary domain. With an Addon Domain you can host two or more websites on a single hosting account. It depends on what your web hosting package limits you to and will only function, after you have registered a domain. The domain points to it’s own directory and acts like a website of it’s own. You can also create email accounts, forwarders and so on.

How an Addon Domain Appears?

For Visitors

An additional domain appears no different from a primary domain in a web browser. As an example, let’s keep the previous addresses in mind: the primary domain of iregister.al and the Addon Domain of iregister.shop. Assuming that you have set up and published both domains appropriately, you can visit iregister.shop.


When an Addon Domain is created, a folder is generated within the public_html directory of the associated hosting account. The user login to access via FTP would resemble an email address. For example, assume that for the primary domain located at iregister.al you create the Addon Domain iregister.shop. In that case, the login would normally look like this: sh**@ir*******.al. Its structure and its set up are similar to a subdomain.

When you create this Addon Domain, 3 things happen. It creates:

  • a folder in the ‘public_html’ directory
  • a subdomain for the primary domain which will identify the new folder
  • a new domain name associated with the subdomain

How an additional domain works?

For example, if the primary domain was ‘iregister.al’ and you assign the additional domain  ‘iregister.shop’ to the folder ‘shop’, the following routes (URLs) would be true:

All three of these paths would access the same directory and show the same website. However, in concern to your website’s viewers going to iregister.shop, there is no evidence that the system will route them through shop.iregister.al and everything will function as normally. This all happens automatically when you assign an Addon Domain to an account; there is no need further action necessary other than loading content into the Addon Domain folder. Additionally, for those still concerned with beta.alpha.com being active, there is a method in which you can disable the beta.alpha.com route from accessing the site without disturbing the beta.com route.

Parked Domains are similar domains that work individually. You can read more how to add Addon Domain on Cpanel Account here.