Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing a Domain Name

5 All-Too-Common Mistakes Made When Choosing a Domain Name

Excited about choosing a domain name and bought one before doing the research? Here are the common pitfalls in picking a domain so you won’t feel regret.

Choosing a domain name is by far the most important part of building your website.

Your domain name is what Internet users type into their address bar when they want to be directed to your website — so that they don’t have to remember and type in your site’s web address.

Your domain name can be any combination of letters, phrases, and numbers. It can also have a specific extension, such as “.com,” “.net,” and more.

So, what are the most common domain name mistakes you need to avoid?

Read on to find out. Then, learn where you can register your domain name.


1. Putting Off Choosing a Domain Name

One of the most common domain name mistakes?

Not choosing a domain name as soon as you decide on your company’s name. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that someone will claim your dream domain for themselves.

They may even hold it financially hostage, forcing you to buy it for huge sums. You may be forced to pick another, less fitting, name.

So, act fast.


2. Picking a Lengthy Name

Long domain names are the bane of every Internet user’s existence.

We’re willing to bet that you certainly don’t like to spend time typing in a domain name that’s basically a complete sentence. Plus, longer names make it more likely that a user will leave out a letter or make a spelling mistake.

It’s best to keep it short and sweet — think no more than 2-3 words.


3. Using Dashes

One of the most common questions people have regarding choosing a domain name is whether or not hyphens are allowed.

The right answer: yes, but you shouldn’t use them.

No one likes having to type hyphens into an already lengthy domain name. Skip a dash in a domain name whenever possible.


4. Not Considering Potential Confusion

While choosing a domain name is, of course, important, you also need to think about your domain name extension — and of those people who may share a similar domain name.

For example, if your website domain is something like, you should also look at what and look like if they’ve been claimed.

You don’t want your users to be mistakenly directed to an inappropriate or completely different website just because they made a mistake with the extension.

You may be better served by picking a new name if similar ones lead to unsavory sites.

Do your research and make a smart choice.


5. Being “Quirky” with Spelling

Finally, when you’re picking a domain name, resist the temptation to be “cute” or “different” with your spelling.

It’s just confusing and frustrating.

Also, consider how the name will register when said out loud. For example, if your site contains the word “for” how will users know if it’s “for” or “four?” What about “buy” or “by?”

These are also key questions to consider.


Avoid These Domain Name Mistakes

The process of choosing a domain name is relatively easy. Just make sure you avoid the mistakes highlighted in this post.

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