Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 10 to February 18, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 10 to February 18, 2019

In our domain market post for this week, we are to look at Sedo’s Domain Sales from the 10th to the 18th of February 2019.

The domain market featured 62 domain transactions with a value above 2,000$. This is exactly the same domain sales volume as in the previous report. The most important transaction of the list is, once again a .COM. was sold out for as much as 30,000 GBP.


Analysis of .COM Domain Sales

In this section, leads the way, followed immediately by at the value of 21,500$ and for 10,000$.

These are the only 5-figure domain sales for the .COM-s. Also, came close to them, reaching the value of 9,199$.

The rest of the list is pretty mixed up. We can find name domain type sold at 8,200$; pronounceable domain name as or going, respectively, for 6,500$ and 4,800 EUR; the two-word domain sales of for the price of 4,500$ and for 2,950 GBP; as well as hyphenated repeating domain name of for 3,300$.

There is no explicit type of domain name dominating.

Overall, the .COM-s count 37 domain sales above 2,000$, which is slightly more than number reported for this category of domain sales in previous week.


Analysis of ccTLD Domain Sales

This area of the chart contains 21 ccTLD domain sales, which is not bad in comparison to last three reports.

Auction leaders sort out in the following order: the first place goes again to the .de with 6 listings, .ch come second with 3 listings, followed by .fi with 2 listings and single entries for, .es, .fr, .it, .jp, .me and .nl.

The top domain sale, for the ccTLD-s, hits 21,500$ and belongs to domain It is positioned second on the whole report, together with

Afterwards, come at 10,000 EUR, pré at 7,700 EUR, at 5,000 EUR and at 5,500$.

Obviously, even though .de domains dominate in volume, when it comes to value it is clearly not their best week.


Other Domain Sales

Again, as in the previous report, this part of the chart is pretty short. There are only 4 other TLD domain sales. For the second week in a row, newTLD-s are ahead of old school TLD-s.

The list starts off with at the price of 3,500 GBP and at 4,000$.

The only representant for the .NET/.ORG is sold for 3,500$. Meanwhile, the forth place goes to sold for just 2,000$.


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