Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 4 to February 10, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 4 to February 10, 2019

This article presents Sedo’s Domain Sales from the 4th to the 10th of February 2019.

This week, Sedo’s domain marketplace closed with 62 domain transactions above 2,000$. The list of transactions includes six domains that sold at five-figure range, in U.S Dollars. The three-letter premium domain,, topped the sales’ chart with a value of 88,200$.

.COM Section of Domain Sales

.COM section contains 34 domain sales above 2,000$, five of which have a five-figure value. Domain name leads the way, followed by,, and The amount of valuation for each is, respectively, 88,200$, 30,000$, 12,000$, 10,369$ and 10,000$.  The .COM list contains a mixture of domain types. In this part of the chart, we find pronounceable domains like at 5,000$ and at 2,999$; but also word and multi-word domains, such as: for 7,000 EUR, for 7,000$, and selling at 3,000$. In comparison to the previous three Sedo reports, with respectively 46, 45 and 42 similar domain sales, the volume of domain sales has dropped.

ccTLD Section of Domain Sales

Domain sales for the ccTLD-s start with, one of top six 5-figure transactions of the whole chart, selling at 13,000$. Other solid transactions come next, such as: at 6,499 EUR, at 5,950 EUR, at 5,500 EUR, at 5,500 EUR and at 5,000 EUR. As is noticeable, .DE keep their firm leading position, yet there are some interesting intruders, as: the 3-letter sold for 2,450 EUR, also word domains at 4,250$, at 2,500$ and at 2,000 EUR. This week’s chart featured a massive volume of 24 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. It is very good compared to the 13, 13 and 12 similar domain sales of 3 previous weeks. Auction leaders are ranked in this order: .DE- 9 listings, .EU- 3 listings, .CO, .CO.UK and .NL- 2 listings and single entries for .AM, .CL, .CN, .IT, .TV, and .US.

Other TLD Section of Domain Sales

This part of the chart features 4 total listings. Compared to previous domain sales for the same category, there is not much difference. Best sales belong to for the value of 5,000$ and for 4,100$, both new gTLD. Meanwhile, the other two old-school domain transactions are at 3,250$ and at 2,788$. Based on total value, the contingent of new gTLD is favored in this report.