Why a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is a Must for Website Owners

Why a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Is a Must for Website Owners

6 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need to Use a Content Delivery Network

Does your website need a content delivery network? Yes, if you want it extremely fast and reliable. Here are the best reasons to begin using a CDN.

A website under heavy load will likely crash as a result. You scramble as this happens, hoping to bring it back online as sales creep to a halt. Your hosting has proved ineffective from the influx of website visitors — and it’s showing.

A content delivery network (CDN) can ease heavy website congestion.

Are you wondering why a CDN is essential for your Web operations? Stay tuned, you’re about to receive 6 undeniable reasons it should be part of your site toolbox.

The Necessity of a Content Delivery Network

Great website hosting is more than capable of delivering content, fast. Yet, what happens if a blog post were to go viral? What if your ad campaign is wildly successful, receiving thousands of simultaneous clicks?

A content delivery network saves the day in these scenarios. But, that’s not all…

1. Site Reliability

A CDN caches a website, delivering this cached version to site visitors. Visitors interact with the site as they would but without placing strain on servers. This means your hosting isn’t hammered by a large influx of visitors.

A CDN also distributes site content across several servers. In doing so, your site can handle more, concurrent users. The benefit is fewer disrupts, dead pages, and disgruntled customers seeking inaccessible services.

2. Rapid Content Delivery

Shorten the proximity to site visitors and they’ll receive fast load times.

CDNs use several nodes located around the World. Visitors from those regions receive the locally available version of your website. This reduces load time and subsequent bounce rate as they aren’t frustrated from the wait.

Coincidentally, this also leads to…

3. Higher Conversion Rates

Reducing page load time can create a significant increase in site conversions:

  • Product sales
  • Newsletter signups
  • Account creation
  • App downloads

Why does this happen? Because your site delivers its user experience without delay. Visitors get what they seek within milliseconds. You begin funneling them into the experience while their interest is at a peak.

4. Search Rankings

A major SEO factor is dwell time or the time people spend on your site. Longer dwell time tells Google your site satisfied user intent. You can’t meet this intent if your site is sluggish and non-responsive!

The increased speed offers a better user experience (as noted). This gets people digging through the site, finding what they seek. A lower bounce rate is the result, further adding to SEO influenced by user engagement.

5. Tailored Experiences

Are you familiar with A/B testing? It involves splitting an audience and delivering variants of the same message. The higher ROI variant becomes the new norm with its better conversion rate.

You can do this with a content delivery network, too.

A CDN delivers unique variants of your website based on geolocation. You could localize content through translation. You could also deliver specific products, content, and experiences as per the location.

6. Security

DDoS attacks are increasingly common and getting sizably bigger. These attacks cripple sites and hosting, bringing them to a standstill. Or, knock them offline.

You can’t do business if your site is offline, can you?

A CDN can mitigate DDoS attacks by redistributing site load. Cached versions of the page are accessible to site users, too. A CDN may also include its own SSL, encrypting and protecting data in case it’s ‘sniffed’ during the attack.

Create a Secure Online Presence

A content delivery network paired with great hosting is a powerful combo for building an online presence. Make CDN services part of your online stack to deliver the best, possible experience to users. Do so, and you’ll get rewarded.

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