Weekly Report from November 19 to November 25-Sedo sales slowing down

Weekly Report from November 19 to November 25-Sedo sales slowing down

This Sedo Weekly Sales Report covers domain sales from November 19 to November 25.

nfc.com is leading the chart. It sold for 68,200 EUR and is followed by six other listings, also hitting 5-figures value in USD. eking.com sold for 28,000$, manal.com for 26,684$, kanso.com for 12,000$, skyorganics.com for 11,500$, thrivelabs.com for 11,000$, and reciclajes.com at the value of 9,000 EUR. Showing on the list are some 5-letter domains, such as potex.com at 8,000 EUR, stema.com going for 5,500 EUR, and bifex.com hitting 3,900 EUR.  This week we have a total of 38 Sedo .COM transactions above 2,000$. Clearly, .com section performed not so well compared to the 59 similar sales from last week. Yet, sales are at the same level of sales volumes as 2 weeks back.

The largest transaction on ccTLD section is kinship.co for 11,000$. No big sales listed in this area as there are usually. kurier.de was second, selling for 9,000 EUR, then sisal.es at 8,000 EUR, and smarter.eu at 4,000 EUR.

In all, this week’s chart has 15 ccTLD sales above 2,000$. No important drop in comparison to last week but considerable drop from the 24 qualifying transactions of the week before that. Transaction leaders sort out in the following order: .DE has 3 listings, .CO, .EU and .NL have 2 listings each. Meanwhile, there are single entries for .AT, .CN, .CO.KR, .ES, .FR, and .IO.

Last week, the new gTLDs took over the Other domain list. This week we see .ORG and .NET leading, leaving only a single entry for new gTLDs. This section starts off with sto.org at the great value of 25,000$, followed by have.fun at 11,500$ and vtube.net at 9,999$. Obviously, the trend towards new gTLDs was not a long-term one. Overall feature 7 Other sales above 2,000$, exactly the same volume as last week and very close to the week before that.

To conclude, this last week of November is not one of the best for Sedo’s sales. The total number of sales in the chart is 60. nfc.com, eking.com, manal.com and sto.org hit the highest values.

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