off the market! Sold for 250,000$ by David Clegg! off the market! Sold for 250,000$ by David Clegg!

Sedo Domain Sales Report from December 17, 2018 to January 6, 2019

Continuing our reporting on domain market development, today we bring the latest Domain Sales Report covering a the period between 17th of December 2018 and  6th of January 2019. This report is based on sale’s data published by Sedo.

The top domain transaction in this 3 weeks amalgamated list is the impressive domain sale of This time it was Sedo’s broker David Clegg who nailed the deal for the amount of 250,000$.

Detailed observation on the .COM Domain Sales

The .COM section counts 97 .com domain sales above 2,000$ of which only reached a 6-figure transaction. It is followed by twelve 5-figure domain sales led by at the value of 68,000$. Next up come a pair of 3-letter domains in the following order: sold for 29,000$ and for 25,500$. It seems a good moment for the LLL .com domain sales. In this report’s chart we also find sold for 17,400$, for 15,000$ and for 10,099EUR.

The weekly average number of domain sales is around 32. It is not far from the 29, 41 and 38 similar domain sales that were reported in our last three reports.

What about the ccTLD Domain Sales?

As for the ccTLD section, is leading the chart selling for 12,000$. Next in line comes for 10,000EUR. This part of the chart shows some interesting 2-letter domain sales, as: sold for 7,500EUR, at the price of 6,000EUR and for the value of 4,999EUR. Auction leaders sort out in the following order: .de with 8 listings, .fr with 4 listings, .co and .cn with 3 listings each, .at with 2 listings and single entries for .ch,,,,, .es, .eu, .in, .io, .lu, .nl and .to.

There are 32 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$ in all. The weekly average number of domain sales for the ccTLD is around 11. Compared to 17, 16 and 15 transactions of preceding weeks this section shows a slight decrease in transaction’s volume   .

How are Domain Sales in the Other section of the chart?

In the Other section, the best sale is that of at 14,000$, followed by at 10,000$. No other 5-figure sale features in this side of the chart. The trend of this period seems to be single word domains, as: sold for 6,000$, and each sold for the value of 5,000$, for 4,000$, for 3,133$, for 3,000EUR, for 2,500EUR and selling for 2,000$. Overall, there are only 14 domain sales above 2,000$, of which 4 .net, 3 .org and 7 other gTLD domain sales.