best of top domains – Overview on all times sales best of top domains – Overview on all times sales

Interested to try your chance in the domain marketplace? Want to know which are the top all time sales? Keep on reading.

Every week, millions of dollars are spent on top domain purchasing. ‘Once upon a time’ domain names were completely free. Obviously, it is no longer the case. Nowadays, most of the .COM domain names have an owner. You need lots of luck to find a free .COM. Still, there are interesting options, like ccTLD or gTLD domains. Recently, these two domain types are present in top sales weekly reports as well.

Let’s have a closer look at top sales from 2003 to present. We are giving briefly report on the most expensive domain transfers.


All Time Top Sales

What is this ranking about? What are the criteria that we take in consideration?

This ranking takes in consideration sales of domain names only. Developed website domains are not included. Therefore, sales of top domains such as, and do not figure here. These are not “domain only” sales.

Another criteria is: sales have to be officially confirmed to enter top sales chart. Domains such as: (for $17 million, by Vodafone), (for $9 million by Wal-Mart) do not pass this criteria. They are left out., a 3-letter, word domain holds the crown. It comes, of course, from the .COM contingent of top domains. Biggest all time sales are mostly word domains or very short ones.


Top domains – .COMs

The .COM domains have the largest number of top-level-domains and are, also, quite pricey. In the top 20 list, ranking best domain sales ever, their dominance is absolute. 18 positions out of 20 go for the .COMs.

The premium domain name,, leads the whole list. In 2010 sold out, for the gigantic amount of 13,000,000$. The buyer, Gary Kermen, is also owner of This domain name was registered in the 1990s.

Second position goes to top domain Elon Musk paid $11 million, in 2016, to acquire it from Stuart Grossman. Grossman had registered the domain since at least 2002 (possibly 1992).

The top domains list keeps on with another elephant sale that took place in 2008. hit approximately $10 million. follows it at $9.5 milion sold in 2007. At the time of the transaction, it was listed second for all time sales, after

Next in line is the 5-letter sold at approximately $8.9 million. Rick Schwartz handled it to an enterprise based in Prague in 2015. Schwartz bought it, in 1997, from a college student for the amount of 42,000$. and are placed in 6th and 7th positions, respectively they were sold for $8 million and $7.5 million. The transaction happened in 2016, while sale took place 10 years in advance, in 2006.

GMO Internet, Inc. paid $6.8 million to Nissan North America, Inc. for one of the rarest type of domains possible, This was the largest public domain sale in 2014.

Right after comes at the price of $5.5 million. The domain name was firstly registered in 1995 and sold in 2010. The domain is being used for online gambling.

The last sold above $5 million, is at just $5.1 million. Toy ‘R’ US bought it in 2009.

As you might have noticed the top domains mentioned above, but also the 8 other .COMs positioned further on, are mostly one-word domains or very short ones. The longest, 10-letter word domain name was handled for $3 million dollars.

The remaining ranking list contains one 7-letter domain name and two 6-letter top domains, and (respectively selling for $4.9 million, $3.1 million and $3 million).

The other .COMs featuring are,, and


Top domains – ccTLDs and gTLDs

What are ccTLDs? What is in their favor in comparison to .COMs?

ccTLD and gTLD domains are more accessible and not that expensive as .COMs. If you want to buy a domain name for just a couple of dollars, than these are the domain categories to search in.

ccTLD domains give to users the coordinates of where is the site geo-located. They are important in international SEO, which makes it easy for searching engines or users to link the content with a specific targeted region or country.


How ccTLD and other type of domains are represented in top listed all time sales? Which are the top ranked domains, other than the .COMs?

The two positions closing the ranking are: new gTLD, at $3 million and the ccTLD domain, with a price tag of approx. $2.86 million. was transferred to Barron Innovations in 2014. Meanwhile, the German word-domain transaction of happened in 2008.


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