Sedo’s Weekly Report- sold out for 500,000$!

Sedo’s Weekly Report- sold out for 500,000$!

In its latest weekly sales report, Sedo’s marketplace conducted 82 transactions above 2,000$. The top selling domain name,, is brokered for 6-figures at 500,000$ by Sedo’s senior broker Dave Evanson.

This sale is among the top ten four-letter .com sales of the past five years and in 12th position for 2018 all listed domain name sales.

Overall this week’s chart features 59 .com sales. Next largest .com transaction ranks at 25,000$, followed by at 17,600$, at 12,000$, at 11,995$, at 11,500$, at 11,000$ and at 10,000$.

Sedo, also, led the .com of 4-figures sales with at 7,500$, at 6,270$ and at 6,000$. Clearly, it is a good week for Sedo’s .com sales. There were 21 similar transactions more than the 38 from last week.

The highest selling ccTLD is (41,990 EUR). A considerable sale, placed second in this week chart. Followed by LL domains and sold respectively at 29,000 EUR and 10,000 EUR.

Next in line came (5,600 EUR) and (2,950$).

The German .de sales, with 8 listings, still dominate this section of the auction.

In total, there are 16 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. It is not quite pleasing in front of the 24 ccTLD sales of last week.

The Other section shows a slight increase from last week. The new gTLD come first in both overall dollar value and number of domains sold. First ranked are selling at 9,750$ and at 5,000 EUR.

Next for the new gTLD, are at 3,500$ and at 2,000$. Meanwhile, in the chart, also, feature 3 .org domains. leads sales at the value of 3,995$. The total number of sales for this week is 7, 2 of which belong to .app domain name.

To conclude, the week from 12 November to 19 November, shows obvious increase mainly of the .com section in quantity and in value. In contrast, ccTLD sales performance is not at its top. However, in the other hand, new gTLD sales seem reassuring. It was a good week for Sedo, especially thanks to Dave Evanson’s great work.

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