Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from April 22 to April 28, 2019

Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from April 22 to April 28, 2019

April is closing in beauty at Sedo domain marketplace. A total of 88 sales are ranked this week. The most important entry goes to SEEREISEN.DE and Albert Schimmel, the international sales consultant that conducted this transaction.

The German travel site, “sea travel”, is not only in top of Sedo’s weekly list, but, also, among top three sales of the entire domain market weekly report and best ccTLD transaction of the year up to now.

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This Weekly Report contains transactions occurring from April 22 up to April 28, 2019.

Keep in mind that we consider only public domain sales above 2,000$.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

Let’s have a look in the .COM domains section.

The list is led by the gambling, two-word domain, valued 40,000$.

Next in line comes another gambling domain. sold out for 28,500GBP. Five-figure sales close up with at 11,800$, at 10,000$ and at 10,000$.

Fist listed, priced under 10,000$, is the hyphenated domain at the value of 8,900EUR. There are some other interesting hyphenated domains appearing in the .COM ranking, such as:,,,, and

The second 4-figure sale ranked is the 2-word domain, at 8,000$. Ongoing, in this area, we also find 2-word domains, as: the crypto-domain sold for 5,960$; for 5,000$ and at 4,950$.

All .COM domains counted in the chart reach 50 positions. Sales have improved considerably compared to the 42 domain sales of the same category from last report.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

Meanwhile, in the ccTLD section of…

As emphasized in top of this article, it all starts with SEEREISEN.DE valued with the impressive price of 59,500EUR.

But, afterwards prices drop considerably. The second domain in the ccTLD list costs only 15,000EUR. We are referring to the transaction of The last 5-figure sale goes to at just 11,000EUR. surprised by catching a very nice price tag of 5,999$. Other interesting domain sales, in the ccTLD area, are LLL domains. So, sold for 5,000$; transaction required 2,999EUR and was valued 2,999$.

There are 25 ccTLD domain sales. Much better than the 18 ccTLD sales reported last week. It has been a great week for the ccTLD domains both in value and volume.

The country leader in Sedo domain marketplace? .DE domains are in top again. This time with 10 listings. They are followed by .ES, .EU and .US with just 2 listings. Single entries go to .CO, .CO.UK, .IO, .IT, .KR, .NL, .PL, .RU, and .SE domains.


Domain Sales in the Other section

The “war” between new and old TLD domain extensions is still on. But this week it looks like there is no obvious winner. The section leader is the 3-letter domain going for 8,800$. It is followed by the new gTLD at 6,999$. Afterwards, we find for 5,750$ and, hitting 5,499$.

Overall, 8 domains are ranked in this category. Not bad compared to the 5 similar domains reported last week. Sales volume is split in half, 4 old TLDs and 4 new gTLDs. While in value terms, old TLD domains prevail.

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