Sedo Domain Sales Report from April 29 to May 05, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from April 29 to May 05, 2019

Intrigued on how May took off at Sedo domain marketplace? Let’s have a look on important transactions occurring from April 29 up to May 5, 2019.

Only public domain sales above 2,000$ are to be considered in this Weekly Report.

There are 58 domain transactions featuring in the list. The star domain of the week is It grasped the interest of an anonymous domain trader, who paid 46,000$ to acquire this premium word domain. shows up second, valued at 37,500$.

Further on, we zoom on each category for detailed information.

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Domain Sales in the .COM section

How is the .COM domains section performing? Well, a bit far from the last week of April. We count 35 public domain sales listed, only three of which achieve 5-figure values.

So, after the leading domain,, comes sold for 12,500EUR. It is followed by the 2-word domain at exactly 10,000$. Following the list, next come and that are valued respectively at 9,900$ and 9,715$.

There is kind of a trend of four and five letter domains in this report. Most important to mention are,,,, and We, also, find some 2-word domains showing up, such as:, and

The .COM section closes up with another 5-letter domain. sold out at the limit value of 2,000$.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

Contrary to .COM, the ccTLD section looks better. Overall, sales volume contains 17 domain sales. It compares nicely to the 25 and 18 similar domain sales from the last two reports. .DE extension continues to dominate, listed 7 times. It is followed by .CH and .EU domains with 2 listings each. Meanwhile, single entries go to .BE, .CO.UK, .CA, .ES, .EE and .KR.

First in this section is at 37,500$. The other 5-figure domain sale listed is that of stü at approximately 11,000$. Following, are ranked two 3-letter domain sales. was valued 6,800EUR. sold at 5,000EUR. Single word domain sales are, also, present in the chart. So, was bought for 5,950EUR; went for 5,300$; at 4,800EUR and could achieve only 2,300EUR. This section ends with the sale of domain.


Domain Sales in the Other section

Another battle new vs. old TLD-s this week. Generally, .ORG and .NET domains hold the power. Though, new gTLDs keep on trying. Yet, this is old school week. Old TLD-s win both in sales volume and value. 8 is the number of domain sales listed in this section, 6 of which belong to .ORG/.NET domains.

Top domain sales in this area are handled to going for 5,000GBP and for just 3,500$. The most important new gTLD entry is domain sold for 2,800$. The only other new gTLD domain,, closes the section list. Its value is 2,050$.


And that’s it for this week. Remember to check our domain market blog section for updated information on domain sales and much more.

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