Domain Sales at SEDO – COOKING.COM on Fire! Sold Out at 402’500$ !

Domain Sales at SEDO – COOKING.COM on Fire! Sold Out at 402’500$ !

Another Hit on Sedo’s Domain Market. COOKING.COM Transfer Value Reaches 402,500$

Do you remember Dave Evanson? The senior broker of mind-blowing transactions at Sedo marketplace? Well he is back with a huge deal!

On the 23rd of May, Dave Evanson concluded the enormous sale of COOKING.COM at the fabulous domain price of 402,500$. Keep on reading our post to learn what happened at Sedo’s Domain Market from May 20 up to June 2, 2019.

Domain Sales Report- May 20 to May 26

During this time frame we count a total of 66 domain sales. There are 36 .COM domains, 24 ccTLD domains and only 6 Other domains, on the list.

The focus is at Evanson’s hit with He achieved a fabulous domain price of slightly more then $400K. transaction’s is the big elephant in the chart. This .com domain was firstly registered on March 1998 in Denver, USA.

Afterwards, in the .COM section, are ranked six 5-figure domain sales all 2-word domains except for one. Their listing is topped by going for 40,000$, followed by and the 3-character domain valued 15,000$. The 5-figure sales conclude with at 11,250$, and both at the price of 10,000$.


Meanwhile, in the ccTLD section, .DE domains are ahead with 9 listings. Then we have .IT domains which are listed thrice, while .CH, .FR and .IN domains show up with 2 listings each. We have single entries for .CA, .CC, .CO.IL, .IO, .ME and .VC domains.

Leading the ccTLD domain list are two 5-figure sales. Domains with a price tag of 25,000EUR and transacted for 20,000$ are the most important domain sales in this area of the chart. The word domain follows with just 8,500EUR. The forth place goes to the 2-character domain sold at the amount of 7,605EUR. Some other word domains show up in the ccTLD list, such as: at 7,000$, at 2,888$ and at 2,712$.

Let’s conclude this week’s overview with the short brief on the Other domains. Big surprise! A 5-figure .ORG sale leads! The word domain hits 12,888EUR. It is followed by a trio of new gTLDs: at 4,500$, and at 4,330$. The Other domain list closes up with a pair of .NET domain. Of course the battle between new and old gTLDs goes in favor of the old guys.


Domain Sales Report- May 27 to June 2

Domain sales at Sedo have been shrinking in volume and value. Only 55 transactions were counted to reach a minimum domain transfer value of 2000$. The .COM extension had 38 domain sales, 13 were from ccTLDs domains and 5 to the Other domain extensions.

The highest value reached, 50,000$, belongs to the 3-letter domain Next big sale, in the .COM section, is that of with 40,000$. There are, also, three other 5-figure domain sales in the chart: at the price of 14,888$; the 2-word domain valued 12,000GBP and another 2-word domain at 9,990EUR. Two-word domains seem to be the trend in the .COM section during this period. You will find listed sales of,,,, and more.

ccTLD category looks fine. The ranking opens up with four 5-figure domain sales headed by for 23,000$, followed by for 15,000$, for 10,000EUR and selling at 9,995GBP.

The news? Once again .DE domains are not in charge. It is the moment of .CO.UK domains leading with only 2 listings. .AI, .BE, .CH, .CN, .CO, .DE, .ES, .ID, .LY, .NL and .SE domains have single entries.

What about the weekly battle in the Other domains section? Old TLDs won in volume and also in value. Still, it was close.

The most important domain sale in this part of the chart is the transaction of new gTLD for only 4,200$. The list goes on with,, and


So that’s it! COOKING.COM rocked both weeks and probably will be listed as one of the best domain sales of the year.

See you next week with other interesting facts. Follow our blog for further updates on domain market!

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