Best Sale at Sedo: goes for 390,000GBP!

Best Sale at Sedo: goes for 390,000GBP!

On this extended report we will zoom in on top domain transactions of each category.  As usual, only values above 2,000$ will be considered.

Sedo Sales Report

Which are the best sales operated at Sedo domain marketplace from June 24 up to July 14?

If you have a quick look at the whole chart, even though this is an extended report, you will perceive the good performance. Obviously, high temperatures keep persisting at Sedo. In all, there are 207 domain sales. It means, approximately 70 transactions per week, which is not bad at all. The elephant in the room is a .COM domain,

Now, let’s check each category. Follow the article to have a better understanding of the comportment of domain transactions during this time-frame.

Top DomainS in the .COM section

How is it going for the .COMs and which are the best sales listed?

Altogether, we count 135 .COM domains selling above 2,000$, which is a pretty good performance indicator. In addition to that, we cross two big 6-figure transactions in the list. Furthermore, 13 domain sales reach 5-figure values.

It all starts with the financial operation of The buyer, GamingUSA, gave away precisely 390,000GBP to own this two-word premium brandable domain. Certainly, the second big sale of the chart goes to the beautiful word domain It was acquired at the price of 188,000$.

What about the rest of the listing?

This section contains plenty 5-figure transactions, also. The most important one is at 55,000$. Followed by another 3-letter domain, at 50,000EUR and the two-word domain at 40,000$. Then, the list continues with a couple of word domains, and Each of them selling at the price of 30,000$.

Other important 5-figure sales include:,,,,,,, and

As you may clearly notice, the most frequent transactions are one word, two-word and short domains. This tendency is extended in all the .COM section.

the ccTLD section

What about the best ccTLD domain sales?

Overall, there are 56 domains registered. Obviesly, ccTLDs performance keeps low on sales volume, but not in value.

The biggest transaction belongs to selling for 49,000EUR. Second is at 45,000EUR. Then we have for 30,000EUR and for 20,000EUR. Afterwards, the list continues with,,, and All of these are 5-figure transactions.

What about the country extension rating? Who is in charge?

The German .DE domain sales hold the leading position with 21 listings. Meanwhile, .CO domains feature in 7 positions. Then, there come the .EU, .TV and .IO domains. Each of which is represented 3 times on the list. Furthermore, we have .CN and .IT domains with 2 listings, respectively.

At last, there are also the single entries. So, in this category we have .CO.UK, .BE, .IE, .CH, .FR, .FI, .ME, .AI, .AM, IN, .PE, .JP, .LI, .KR and .COM.BR.

Top DomainS in the Other section

What about new and old TLDs?

In total, 16 domains show in this part of the chart. Only 4 of them belong to the new guys. So, old TLDs win big this time. They are ahead on values, also. Holding most of the best sales of the ranking.

Let’s see more about the figures. We have a very nice one, indeed. The big sale of leads the way with an amount of 60,000$. Next in line and last as for the 5-figure sales is at 15,000$. On the other hand, top transactions for the new gTLDs go to and The first one costs 6,040$, while the second one 5,500EUR.

Some other important domains to mention are:,, and

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