Sedo Domain Sales Report from May 06 to May 12, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from May 06 to May 12, 2019

Let’s analyze public domain sales, above 2,000$, at Sedo domain marketplace. This report covers the week between 6th to 12th of May 2019. Altogether, there are  58 domain sales during this week. This volume of transactions is equal to previous week.

Again, the chart top position is for a .COM domain. sold out for 45,444$. Next, follows one word ccTLD domain, Its transaction achieved the exciting amount of 29,000EUR.

Keep on reading to know more how each domain category performed.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

As usual , .COM section leads the charts both in volume and value. It achieved 42 domain sales this week. The situation is not as good as reported two weeks ago, with 50 similar domain sales. Yet, this is much better than last week, which closed with only 35 domain sales in this domain category. Ten 5-figure transactions feature in this category. This is excellent in terms of total sales value., with its 45,444$ transaction’s value tops the list, followed by the two-word domain with a price tag of 17,000$. Reaching after them is that sold for 15,000$. The list continues with at 12,000EUR and at 12,000$. achieved a value of 11,000EUR while the deal for  closed at 10,000EUR. The 5-figure sales close up with, and, all three sold out for 10,000$.

No special trend to emphasize in this report. The sales ranking close with, and that pulled it off to reach a 2,000$ value.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

What is going on in the ccTLD section?! The overview is very different from what we are used to. Regarding the volume of sales, in this report we count only 8 domain transactions.That is quite a drop from previous reports!

However, the Big News concerns the ranking of ccTLD extensions. It’s the first report in a long time where .DE domains do not dominate this sections. Instead, we find .CO extension positioned first, even though with only 2 entries. Single entry go for .EU, .DE, .BE, .FR, .IO and .MX domain extensions.

The one word ccTLD domain,, is not just the best domain sale of the ccTLD section. It is the only 5-figure transaction featuring this section as well. follows up with a transaction that achieved 6,500$. Third place is claimed by and They both secured a value of 5000$ for domain transfer. Ranking continues with the 4-letter domains and that sold at 3,250$. The list concludes with one word domain at 2,600EUR and 2-word domain for 2,500$.


Domain Sales in the Other section

The Other section of the report looks better. There are 8 domain sales in total. It is cool compared to the 6 similar domain transactions from last report. However, the really good news is another one. reached a 5-figures value. Its buyer paid the spectacular amount of 10,000$ to get its ownership. We must, mention the transactions of reaching 9,000$ and priced 8,000$ as well.

The winner of the weekly battle between new and old TLDs is pretty obvious in this report. Old TLDs dominate the sales’ list both in volume and value. Although leads the category sales’, it is the only representative of new gTLDs. It could not stop the 7 listed .ORG/.NET domain sales from taking all the glory.


And that’s it for this week at Sedo! Remember to follow us and check our blog to stay updated.

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