hits the value of 450,000$ -Sedo Sales Report (Dec 3 to Dec 9) hits the value of 450,000$ -Sedo Sales Report (Dec 3 to Dec 9)

This article covers Sedo Weekly Domain Sales Report starting on December 3 up to December 9. Once again, Sedo broker Dave Evanson succeeded in achieving a great deal. He sold for the extraordinary amount of 450,000$ to

What is the domain sales situation in the .COM section?

In all, this section counts 29 Sedo domain sales above 2,000$. It is far from satisfying in comparison to the 41 similar domain sales of the precedent week.

Except from, the rest of the .com domain transactions are pretty random. There are only two 5-figures domain sales in this area. The second in position, is sold for 15,000$, followed by at the value of 10,000$. Afterwards, come at 9,500$, at 7,000$, at 6,800$ and so on.

How are ccTLD domain sales in this chart?

In top of this section is sold at the value of 9,995£. In second place shows domain bought for 8,888$ by RentBerry itself. Then, comes domain sold for 5,000 EUR.

Other interesting domain sales are the transactions of for 4,950$, for 3,499$, for 3,000$ and sold for 3,499EUR.

In total, there are 17 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. The .de do not lead any longer the domain sales in volume. The .fr lead with 4 listings, .io and .us with 2 listings, followed by .al, .ca,, .de, .eu, .hk, .in, .nl and .no with single entries.

What about domain sales in the Other section?

Not much activity shown in this part of the chart compared to the previous weeks. Overall, there are only three domain sales featuring in this area of the chart. Firstly ranked is reaching the plausible amount of 11,785$. Then, sold for 2,500EUR and transaction at the value of 2,200$.

The chart, for the period from December 3 to December 9, features only 49 domain sales above 2,000$. In domain sales volume context it seems a bad week for Sedo. Yet, transaction of 450,000$ is one of the biggest sales of 2018. Thus, despite the problems in each section, it can be considered a good week for Sedo and especially for Dave Evanson.