How to Install and Setup a WordPress Multisite (Quick Guide)

How to Install and Setup a WordPress Multisite (Quick Guide)

WordPress Multisite: A Quick and Easy Installation Guide

Learn how to build a network of websites for your online business or projects by following this quick guide to installing and setting up a WordPress multisite.

What is WordPress multisite, exactly?

In short, it allows you to control multiple blogs and websites under the same WordPress dashboard and installation.

You don’t have to constantly log in and out of separate accounts in order to edit posts, respond to comments, and manage your websites.

You can have separate admins for each site, run updates simultaneously, and create plugins and themes for each site using your “master” WP multisite.

It just makes everything much easier.

So, how do you install your WordPress multisite? Read this post to find out — and learn where you can find the right hosting platform, too.


First Steps

In order to set up your WordPress multisite, you first need to find a reliable WP hosting platform, as all of your websites need to be on the same server.

Depending on how many websites you plan to create, you may need shared hosting or a VPS server.

Then, you’ll need to actually enable the multisite option on your WordPress site.

To do this, use your FTP client (like cPanel) and add this code to the wp-config.php file:

define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true )

Once you’ve enabled the feature, it’s time to set up your network.


Next Steps

If you already have a WordPress website, first deactivate any of your current plugins.

Then, click on the Tools folder, and select the “Network Setup” option.

You’ll then decide on if you’d like subdomain or subdirectories within your multisite network. (We suggest going with subdomains.) Then, you can name your network and hit “install.”

During this process, you’ll need to copy the code that comes up on the screen. WordPress will give you specific installation steps on how to do this during the process.

Then, log back into your original WordPress site, and you’ll have access to your new multisite network.


Final Steps

The final phase of your WP multisite setup involves configuring your new settings.

To make this happen, click on your Network Dashboard within the WordPress settings.

You can then easily add new sites, name administrators, add new plugins, and update your site themes. Make sure you also check your registration settings.

This is what allows you to decide if you want your site to register new users, let users make new sites, or do both or neither.

You can also ban certain email domains and update your new site settings.

Should you have any questions during this process, we suggest that you get in touch with your hosting provider.


You’re Ready to Set up Your Own WordPress Multisite

We’re certain that you’ll love the convenience and ease of working with your new WordPress multisite.

Of course, remember that picking the right hosting platform is what will really make a difference when it comes to setting up and maintaining your website.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Instead, get in touch with us to learn more about the different hosting options we have to offer. We can also assist you with domain registration and transfer.

We can’t wait to help your website to perform at the highest possible level.