sold out for 750,000$ to Name Ninja sold out for 750,000$ to Name Ninja

Reporting on domain sales in Sedo’s Domain market for the week between 10 and 16 december 2018.


The week between 10 and 16 december 2018 was the week of the ultra-premium domain name

The purchase of for the 6-figures value of 750,000$ is the elephant transaction leading the sales chart of the week. was lastly sold in late 2009 for the amount of 725,000$. Sedo broker Frank Tillmanns, in collaboration with Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja, made the domain transaction possible.

What about the rest of the .COM domain sales?

In this section appear 31 Sedo .com domain sales above 2,000$. It is not that far from the 29 .com domains sold in the previous week. Yet, not that good compared to the 41 similar domain sales of the week before that. No other 6-figures transactions were registered apart Ranked first it was for 55,000$, followed by for 19,950 EUR and for 19,500 EUR. In all, this section counts five 5-figures domain sales, including also at the value of 13,500 EUR and at 15,000$. As you might notice, most of the top domain sales at Sedo for this period are in EUR.

How are ccTLD and Other domain sales of this chart?

The ccTLD section of the report starts with for 25,000 EUR. Afterwards, come for 18,500 EUR and for 11,999$. Other hit domain sales presented in this section are single-word domains sold at the value of 6,000 EUR and at 3,588$. Also, the 3-letters domain transactions of (5,000 EUR) and (3,040 EUR) are interesting. Auction leader follow this order: .de with 7 listings, .ch, .es and .eu each with 2 listings. Meanwhile, .be,, .in, .me, .se, .to, appear as single entries. The .de domains are back in dominating this section of Sedo sales. The total number of transactions above 2,000$, operated for the ccTLD domains is 19 domain sales. Transactions volume is slightly higher in comparison to both previous week and the week before that.

As for section Other, there is not much to say. Activity keeps being quite low. Actually, the week of December 10 to December 16, is even lower. Sales above 2,000$ are realized only by at 5,000$ and (the only new gtld sale) at 2,600$. There are no .net domain sales in this chart.