Domains Trend: Leading HOME.IO sold out for 25,000$!

Domains Trend: Leading HOME.IO sold out for 25,000$!

This latest report will analyze domains’ trend in the last two weeks at Sedo. We will focus in each category separately and, of course, uniquely on transactions above 2,000$.

Domain Sales Report

Let’s observe closely Sedo’s operations from August 26 up to September 9.

Summer heat is definitely over, at least for the domain market. Top sale goes to at the amount of 25,000$.

The volume of sales shows a decreasing tendency. All in all, only 111 domain sales were registered during this period.

Follow us with the rest of the article to have deep information on domains trend.

.COM Domains Trend

Which are the top five .COM domains?

In all, there are 67 domain transactions and the summarized value reaches approximately 403,000$.

In the first place is the premium 3-letter domain,, at the price of 23,000$. Second, we find the 2-word,, selling for 20,700$. Third in line comes another 3-letter domain. sold out for 20,500$. and were evaluated 20,000$, both holding the forth position. And the top 5 closes up with a 2-word domain such as It costed to the buyer 18,400$. Obviously, top trends are short and multi or word domains.

What else to mention?

Featuring in this part of the chart are, also, five other important 5-figure domain transactions. The 3-word, and the 2-word,, both bought for 18,000$. Afterwards, we have and, respectively selling at 14,900$ and 12,500$. The last of 5-figure sales is at 10,115EUR.

Domains trend, for this part of the report, seem to be more on the side of multi-word domains. So, we could mention:,,, and so on.

ccTLD Section

What about the ccTLDs?  

Altogether, there are 35 domains registered and the whole amount is approximately 200,000$. No change in total value acquired but the situation is not at its best, obviously.

As usual, .DE domains are in charge. So, we find 11 .DE transactions. Even though this domain extension represents the domains trend in volume, it is far from leading in individual values, indeed. No traces of a .DE domain in the first five places.

Afterwards, with 3 listing per each are .CH and .FR domains. Then, come .EU,.IO and .TV domains with 2 listings each.

While, single entries belong to .ES, .KR, .MX, .UK, .AT, .CL, .IE, .IN, .NL, .NO, .COM.CN and .COM.AU domains.

Which are the best ccTLD transactions?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the trophy for the entire report is handed to a ccTLD. Precisely,, that sold for 25,000$. Furthermore, there are three other 5-figure domain transactions in this category.

So, is second, sold for 15,000$. Next, is for 10,100EUR. Followed closely by valued 10,000EUR. The best .DE domain sale shows in 6th position, after It’s and it has a price tag of 9,000EUR.

Domains Trend in the Other Section

How is the battle new vs. old going?

Another short report! Only 9 deals show up in this two weeks report.

The old TLDs emerge victorious this time. The battle looks pretty close in volume (with just 5 entries), but with an obvious difference in sales value. .ORG domains reach 21,848$ while the whole sum is 35,522$.

Oh, yes! There is no .NET at all in the list. The .ORG domains deserve all the glory.

Top domain transactions are: at 6,250$, at 4,999$ and at 4,995$. Ongoing are at 4,599$, at 4,000$, at 3,380EUR and at 2,999$. Finally, the chart closes with and

That’s it! Rendez-vous next week for all lovers of domains trend. To stay updated check out our blog.


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