Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 11 to March 17, 2019

Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 11 to March 17, 2019

This Domain Market Report contains transactions closed between 11th and 17th of March 2019.

Sedo weekly report contains domain sales above 2,000$, except for private sales. Domain transactions are divided in three categories: the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.

The whole list contains 69 domain sales above 2,000$. Sales volume seems to be continually shrinking. It has gone from 84 domain sales two weeks before to 81 in the last report and now just 69. Obviously, not such a good trend.

The .COM section keeps leading the chart in both volume and value. Meanwhile, ccTLD domains are not at their top performance. As for the Other domains, the situation is, finally, getting better, at least in volume. represents the top sale of this report, going for just 25,000$.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

Another leading week for the .COM domains. As mentioned above, is ahead, followed closely by for the tag price of 20,000EUR. was not only the second domain sale of the .COMs, but also of the entire list. It seems to have been acquired by a Japanese cosmetic company.

Thirdly ranked in the .COM area comes the 3-letter domain at 19,000$. The list continues with and going for 15,000$ each. Then we find at the price of 13,000$ and for the value of 12,000$.

It is interesting to see the pronounceable domain name hitting 9,900$. Also, featuring in the chart were the 2-word domain at 5,000$ and the first-name domain selling out at a very good price, 3,600$.

The total number of .COM domain sales featuring in this report is 48. It’s actually low compared to the 56 similar sales in the latest report. Yet, better than the 47 and 36 similar sales from two and three previous weeks.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

.DE domains keep being in charge. Top domain sale for the ccTLDs is the unusual 2-letter domain It was sold at 15,000EUR. Thus, holding the fourth position of the whole list. followed on at only 6,800EUR. The section listing goes on with at 6,190EUR, at 6,000EUR and at 4,500EUR.

In this part of the chart are notable the domain sales of: the 3-letter domain,, going for 3,895$; selling at 3,599$; and the 4-letter domain bought for 3,000$.

In all, there are just 14 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. Clearly, a drop from the 20, 22 and 22 similar sales from the last three reports. .DE domain sales are listed 6 times. The rest as single entries going for: .CO, .CO.UK, .ES, .HK, .NL, .PK, .PL and .US.


Domain Sales in the Other section

This week seems more crowded for the Other section of domain market report. There are 7 domain sales featuring, which is slightly better than the 5, 2 and 6 similar sales from three latest presented reports.

Sales volume is in the .ORG/.NET advantage. The new gTLD hold only two entries out of 7.

The Other area is, though, led by new gTLD, selling out nicely for 9,500EUR. It is followed by going for 4,000$. Then we find for 3,500$ and for 2,888EUR (another new gTLD). The closing belongs entirely to .ORG/.NET domains.

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