Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 25 to March 31, 2019

Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 25 to March 31, 2019

Sedo weekly report contains domain sales above 2,000$. Domain transactions are divided in three categories: the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.

In this article we will analyze Sedo Weekly Sales Report from March 25 to March 31, 2019.

Overall, are ranked 75 domain sales, above 2,000$. It is much better than the 66 or 69 domain sales reported in two previous reports.

The growth in sales volume goes to the .COM group, which keeps leading also in value. Meanwhile, there is no significant change detected in the ccTLD area. As for the Other domain sales, the number of transactions featuring is even smaller in this report.

The leading domain sale is, previously owned by Kim Sooyong. It was bought for 50,000EUR, by Petrogas Group LTD of Dublin.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

Best domain sale of the week, the splendid two-word, is also in top of the .COM section. Next big sale reported is at 40,000$. It belongs to

After which are positioned six other 5-figure domain transactions, in the following order: at 25,000$, at 15,000$, for the value of 14,500$, and at 12,500$ each and the 3-letter domain selling at the price of 10,000$.

Ranking goes on with, and The price tags of which are 9,500$, 9,000$ and 8,500$.

Other interesting domains following in this listing are:,,,, and

As you may notice the .COM section is full of multi-word and pseudo-word domains.

52 .COM domain transactions are registered in this report. It is a very good figure in comparison to the 42, 48 and 56 sales of the same category from three latest domain reports.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

Once again, the ccTLD section registers only one domain sale in 5-figures. 10,000EUR go to the 2-letter domain is followed by word domain going for 7,500$, three-letter domains and, respectively, at the price of 7,000$ and 6,200$. Further on are listed at 6,000EUR and at 5,000EUR.

Other noticeable domains are the short .IO type, as sold at 3,899$, for 3,750$ and at the price of 3,499$.

Last domain ranked, closing the ccTLD section, is selling at precisely 2,000$.

In all, there are 20 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. Kind of the same, if compared to the 20, 14 and 20 sales of the same category from the last three reports.

Country leaders sort out in this order: .DE domains are in top with 7 listings; followed by .CO and .IO with 3 listings each; and finally, there come .ID domains listed twice. Meanwhile, single entries go for .AT, .CA, .CO.UK, .EU and .SE.


Domain Sales in the Other section

Another extremely short list for the Other section. There are only 3 sales in this report. In comparison to last week domain sales count one sale less, but compared to two weeks ago, the list is shorter on 4 sales. Obviously, the volume of sales is not getting any better.


This week sales at SEDO, have a good news  about new gTLDs. New gTLD domains are back and in top of this short list. Top sale goes to selling for 6,500$. The two other positions are filled by .ORG domains at 2,873EUR and at 2,500 EUR. Even though .ORGs prevails in sales volume, new gTLD triumph in value.

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