Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 18 to March 24, 2019

Domains Market Report: Sales at SEDO from March 18 to March 24, 2019

This Sedo Weekly Report is about public domain sales, occurring in the time frame between the 18th and 24th of March 2019.

Sedo weekly report contains domain sales above 2,000$, except for private sales. Domain transactions are divided in three categories:  COM domain,  ccTLDs domain and Other domain.

We count 66 domain sales, above 2,000$, in the transaction list. Sales volume keeps getting smaller in comparison to 69 and 81 domain sales featuring the last reports. The negative trend is persisting in Sedo marketplace.

The .COM domain group is in the lead, both in volume and value. ccTLD domains seem to be in slightly better condition compared to previous reports. The Other domain section is showing low traffic in the chart. is the leading domain sale. It sold out at 43,530$. The next big domain sale, in the report, is a ccTLD. hit 35,000EUR.

Sales in .COM domain section

The .COM section opens with, a radio station in Nevada. It achieved the value of 43,530$. It is probably going to be used for online gambling.

Seven other 5-figure .COM domain sales follow this transaction. Second, in the .COMs, is positioned at 20,000$, closely followed by at 19,999$. The list continues with transferred for 15,000GBP. Next come sold at the price of 15,000$, with 12,925GBP, and the 4-letter domain that sold at 10,000$ each., at 9,999$, is just one dollar away from being a 5-figure sale.

Other domain sales to be highlighted, in the .COM section, are: the sale of two-word domain going for 8,000$; the transactions of phonetic domains and reaching 4,900EUR and 4,500$, respectively.

42 .COM domain transactions feature in this report. It is not as good as the 48, 56 and 47 similar sales from the previous 3 Sedo reports. Despite the decrease in sales volume, with eight 5-figure sales, the .COM domains do not seem to have such a bad performance.

Sales in ccTLD domain section

The second top sale of the report is leading domain sales in the ccTLD section. It is, also, the only ccTLD to achieve a 5-figure price. Next in line, but far in value, are ranked at 7,000EUR, at 6,226EUR, at 6,000EUR and at 5,000EUR per each. As you may notice, short domains conquer the ccTLD area of Sedo’s report.

In all, there are 20 ccTLD domain sales.This is much better than 14 similar sales of the last report. .DE domains continue to lead ccTLD group with 6 listings. .SE domains feature with 3 listings, while .NL domains with 2 listings. The single entries of this week go for .BE, .CN, .CO.UK, .EU, .FR, .IM, .ME, .PT and .RU.

Sales in Other domain section

The Other section is back to low volume sales. This group has only 4 domain sales in this report. A drop from the 7 similar sales lastly presented. Most noteworthy fact is the absence of new gTLD domains. Only .ORG and .NET domains achieved a value higher than 2,000$.

Top sales for the Other section go to and They both sold at the price of 5,000$. Next follows the 3000$ transfer of This section closes with the two-word domain that changed owner for just 2,100$.