Domain Sales Market: Good days at Sedo! FGRE.COM leads!

Domain Sales Market: Good days at Sedo! FGRE.COM leads!

Sedo market releases every week the Domain Sales Report. It consists in transactions above 2,000$. There are three categories of domains to take in consideration: the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.

Sedo Weekly Report

Let’s have a look at domain sales from June 10 to June 16, 2019.

64 is the total number of operated transactions featuring in the chart. It is good. We are back on track. Remember there were only 45 sales in last report.

The .COM domains have almost doubled their presence. There are up to 42 listed sales. Meanwhile, there is a slight drop for the ccTLDs, which could be represented by 14 domain sales in this report. As for the Other TLDs, sales volume seems better. The number of sales, during this time frame, is 8.

This was just a slice of our report. Carry on with the rest of the article to know more about domain sales performance in each category at Sedo market.

Domain Sales in the .COM section

What are the specifics in .COM section?

The 4-letter premium domain,, is the hit. This top sale costed 35,000$ to the buyer at Sedo domain market . Maybe not such an enthusiastic amount, yet, it is the best sale of the report. Next in line, for the .COMs, comes another short domain. reaches 22,500$. It is, also, the second most important sale of the entire list. Other 5-figure sales include, and The first is valued 12,000$, while the other two are sold for exactly 10,000$ each.

What seems to be the trend for .COM domains?

It is kind of a mixture. We will find crypto-centric domains as going for 8,849EUR, 2-word domains like for 8,000$ and word domains such as sold at 6,980$. Other interesting to mention, even though cheaper, are the pronounceable and the repeating domains. So, the repeating is valued 6,000$, while has a price tag of 3,999$.

Overall, the situation of the domain sales in the market looks good for the .COMs. Well, individual values are not that important, but sales volume is quite nice. Remember in the last report there were only 26 .COM domain sales. Thus, 42 domain sales registered make a big difference.

Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

What about the ccTLD section?

As usual, it all starts with a .DE domain. is ahead, going for 14,875EUR. Second in the list is, also hitting 5-figures, at 9,700EUR.

The tendency seems to be single-word domains. Thus, let’s name the best ones. It begins with, to keep on with for 8,000$, for 6,000$ and at 3,999$.

Another interesting trend is that of 3-letter domain transactions. So, we have selling for 3,000EUR and for 2,500GBP.

General situation in this area of the chart looks within the norms. As for country leaders, the order is as follows: 4 listings for the champions, .DE domains and .CO and .IO domains have 2 listings each. We have single entries for .CH, .EU, .US, .AT, .CO.UK and .ME.

Domain Sales in the Other section

How is the war between new and old TLDs going in this report?

And now let’s focus on the short but always intriguing section of the list. The Other section of the report remains a mix between new and old gTLDs. Of course the battle is not over, but when we have a look at the numbers, in both terms of sales value and sales volume (5 old TLD sales vs. 3 new gTLD sales) the old buddies are obviously doing much better. Consequently, in this report the crown goes to the old TLDs.

The top sale of this period is at the price of 18,200$. Moreover, it is followed by at 12,000$ and hitting 10,000EUR.

Lots of 5-figure sales for the other TLDs in this report. It affects nicely on the sales value of this category. The other domains showing on the list are:,,, and the less valued

Below, you will find the whole list of sales from Sedo domain market. To be continually updated about domain sales and much more keep following our blog.


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