Sedo Domain Sales Report from March 04 to March 10, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from March 04 to March 10, 2019

This Sedo Weekly Domain Sales Report contains transactions from March 04 to March 10, 2019.

Sedo online marketplace reports every week its transactions. The weekly report contains domain sales above 2,000$, excluding private sales. Domain transactions are allocated in three categories: the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.

81 domain sales above 2,000$ feature in this report. A drop of three domain transactions in comparison to the 84 listed in the last report Yes there is a slight drop in volume, but the values of sales reached seem much interesting this week, especially in the .COM area.

Best performance in volume and value goes to the .COM group. In the meantime, the ccTLDs show no significant change to report. .DE domains keep on leading the ccTLDs. In the Other domain section, volume of sales is, still, far from being satisfying. Yet, it is not as low as in the last report.

The 4-letter word domain, strikes at 70,000$, leading the whole chart. It was purchased by the owner of the German domain and value of transactions were, also, pretty significant.


Sales Summary in the .COM section

Once again the .COM domain sales open with the most important transaction of the report. 70,000$ go for

In all, we count eight 5-figure domain sales in this category. is followed immediately by two important domain sales, as: kicks at the great value of 55,000$ and makes it up to 43,000$.

Next in line are positioned at 29,888$, at 15,000EUR, at 10,000$, the 24 characters domain for 10,000$ and the 2-word domain sold at 10,000$.

Interesting fact on the list is the persistence of short and pronounceable domains, as: hitting 8,000EUR, at the value of 8,500$, at 5,000$, at 4,000EUR and at 3,000$.

The number of domain sales in the .COM section is 56. Clearly, it is considered extremely well compared the 47, 36 and 37 similar sales from the previous 3 Sedo reports.


Sales Summary in the ccTLD section is in the lead in ccTLD section. Its price rises up to 12,750EUR. It is the only 5-figure sale in this category. Closely enough, in second position are and the 2-letter domain selling for 8,000EUR per each.

Then, the list continues with at 7,500EUR, single-word domain at 5,950EUR, at 5,000EUR and at 4,999EUR.

We have to mention, also, single-word domain sales, such as: selling for 4,000EUR, at the price of 3,500EUR, at 3,500$, sold at 2,990EUR and going for 2,500GBP.

In 3 previous reports, the numbers of ccTLD domain sales were 22, 22 and 21. This week we have 20 listed domain sales in this category.

The .DE domains rule with 11 listings, showing better performance than last week. Afterwards, we find .CH and .CO domains with 2 listings per each. Meanwhile, single entries go to .IM, .IT, .NL, .SE and .SV domains.


Sales Summary in the Other section

This week, on the Other section, we count 5 domain sales above 2,000$. The number of listed domain sales persists on being low. Still, domain sales volume is better than 2 similar domain sales presented in last report. Yet, not far from 6 and 4 similar domain sales counted in previous reports.

The leader of the group is the new gTLD sold at 5,999$. Second is positioned the .ORG geo-domain at 5,101$. On going, we find only .NET and .ORG domains.