New gTLD Domain BUY.GAME Tops Sedo’s Report, Sold at 29,900$!

New gTLD Domain BUY.GAME Tops Sedo’s Report, Sold at 29,900$!

Every week, Sedo domain marketplace, releases a list of domain transactions sold above 2,000$. The chart contains three sections, the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.


Sedo Weekly Domain Sales

This article covers Sedo Weekly Domain Sales Report starting on February 18 up to February 24, 2019. Best sale of the week goes to the new gTLD domain sold at 29,900$. Next is positioned at 22,999EUR. Overall, the number of domain transactions, above 2,000$, is 64.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

In all, this section counts 36 Sedo domain sales above 2,000$. It is satisfying compared to the 37 and 34 similar domain sales from the two previous weekly reports.

This section features four 5-figure sales. Top sales go to sold at the price of 22,999EUR and for 22,500$. Afterwards, are positioned at 14,995$ and with just 9,450EUR (≈ 10,690$). The list goes on with the 2-word domains at the price of 7,500$ and at 7,000$, followed by pronounceable domains as sold for 5,000 EUR, for 3,600$, and at 5,000$.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

In the ccTLD area of the chart, first ranked is the German domain going for a very good price, at 15,000$.

In the second place we find a rare .ca, sold for 10,000$. Then, show off at 7,500 EUR and at 4,500 EUR.

Other interesting domain sales featuring are the transactions of the word domain, such as: sold for 3,000 GBP, for 2,599$ and at exactly 2,000$.

There is also a three letter domain in the list, sold for 3,000 EUR.

In total, there are 22 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$.

.DE domains lead sales volume with 7 listings, followed by .AI with 3 listings, .CH and .ES with 2 listings per each.

Single entries go for .CA, .CL, .CO, .CO.UK, .COM.CN, .FR, .GG, and .ME domains.

There is no much change in volume compared to the 21 and 24 similar domain sales from the last 2 weekly reports.


Domain Sales in the Other section

The Other section has interesting performance in this weekly report. We count 6 domain sales, which is just 2 sales more than the 4 similar domain sales featuring in the two last precedent reports.

The big surprise, also the hit of this whole chart, is new gTLD domain, sold for 29,999$. Next 5-figure transaction is the sale of old type domain reaching 10,000 EUR.

The race between old vs new gTLD, in this report, presents an even split in number of transactions. Though, the new gTLD domains keep being ahead when it comes to the value of sales.