Domain Purchases at Sedo – 160,000$ go to GLANCE.COM!

Domain Purchases at Sedo – 160,000$ go to GLANCE.COM!

Sedo Weekly Domain Purchases

Interested in news about domains market at Sedo from September 16 up to September 22? This report will present you with public domain sales above 2,000$.

The hit is undoubtedly! Sedo’s broker, Albert Schimmel, took care of this transaction. 160,000$ is an important amount, indeed. Especially, knowing that the overall domain sale value reaches approximately 600,000$ and the chart contains 77 purchased domains.

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.COM Domain Purchases

Which are top .COM domain purchases?

To sum up, 50 is the number of domains, while the total value achieved rises up to 465,000$. Obviously, much better than last week.

As previously noted, takes the crown as the only 6-figure sale of the whole chart. Next in line comes at 46,000$. Meanwhile, in the third place we find the 2-word domain,, at 28,900EUR. Five-figure sales keep on with the short 3-letter domains, at 26,666$ and at 11,100$. Closing with, another 2-word domain, which is positioned in sixth place and has a value of exactly 10,000$.

The weekly trend?

Domains that are showing most in transactions of this week are two-word domains. Further examples to the ones above are:,,, and so on.

ccTLD Domain Purchases

What about the performance of ccTLD domains? 

In total, we have registered  as many purchases as last week. Obviously, 18! Whilst, the value recorded is only 84,000EUR.

.DE domains lead with 6 purchases. Then, we have .ES, .NL and .TW domains with 2 purchases per each. To close up with single entries for .COM.AU, .NO, .DO, .SE, .UK and .BE domains.

And the top ccTLD purchases are?

There are three 5-figure domain purchases recorded, even though at low prices. First place is shared between and, both sold at 10,100$. The last, 5-figure in this section, is the purchase of While, the best amount reached by a .DE domain is 5,700EUR by

The Other section

What news on the weekly battle?

Still no battle at all! Old TLD domains take 8 out of 9 purchases reported. The thrown belongs to them, indeed.

Best domain transaction is that of at the very nice price tag of 15,000$. That is, also, the only 5-figure of this section. The list ends with The lonely gTLD bought at precisely 2,000$. Concerning the war within old TLDs, .ORG domains are on top.

Utterly, the total value of purchases gets to approximately 43,000$. Clearly, it is not as good as the last report, but still a nice sum.

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