Domain Operations at Sedo: SEXE.COM = 210,000EUR!

Domain Operations at Sedo: SEXE.COM = 210,000EUR!

Sedo Weekly Domain Operations

Domain operations performance at Sedo, from September 30 to October 6, will be treated in this report. Obviously, only public domain sales above 2,000$ will be considered.

Six-figure deals show up again this week. Thanks to, indeed. This transaction achieved 210,000EUR.

In all, there are 59 domain operations and the total value is approximately 600,000$.

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.COM Domain Operations

What does the .COM section look like?

Overall, we have 41 domains. Meanwhile, the value is approximately 480,000$. Clearly, half belongs to, which tops the list as the only 6-figures featuring. On the other hand, we do have several 5-figures domain operations.

The most important is at 40,000$. Then we find sold for 17,500$ and at 12,500EUR. Next comes at 12,000$, closing up 5-figures sales with and

What is the trend this week?

Once again, domain operations under 5,500$ seem to be the most frequent. While there is tendency for 2-word domain transactions, such as:,, and so on.

ccTLD Domain Operations

How are ccTLDs operating? 

Operations volume is in decline. Only 12 domains registered in this report. Also, the total value of the section has shrunk considerably. It reached less than 50,000$.

Six listings go to .DE domains. The others (.IN, .BE, .CH, .ES, .PE and .CO.UK) are single entries.

Which are the most relevant ccTLD operations?

No 5-figure domain operations appear in the list. The most important sale is that of at just 6,000EUR. Then we have and at 5,000EUR and 4,000EUR respectively.

Nothing special to mention except for the strong downturn.

The Other section

What is happening with sale operations?

We could say it is a nice report. As usual not that long, yet much better than last week. There are 6 domain operations and the value adds up to approximately 70,000$.

The battle between new and old is back on track. So, the result is 4-2 in favor of new gTLDs. Despite this, the big hit of the week is a .NET. sold out for the great sum of 35,000EUR.

The overall situation is undoubtedly much better than that lately reported.

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