Top Transactions: Burning deals! 700,000EUR for LINKS.COM!

Top Transactions: Burning deals! 700,000EUR for LINKS.COM!

Sedo reports weekly domain transactions above 2,000$. Transactions are divided in three main domain categories: the .COM domains, the ccTLDs and the Other domains.

Sedo Weekly Report

We will focus on domain transactions from June 17 up to June 23, 2019.

Summer is heating fast at Sedo, indeed. Obviously, it is big deals week. To sum up, there are 73 domain sales featuring. The volume of transactions is very nice, undoubtedly. However, still far from being as astonishing as the value of sales. and lead at gigantesque figures. 700,000EUR go to the first and 400,000$ for the second top domain transaction.

Now, let’s have a look at each category separately. Keep on reading to know more about the comportment of domain transactions during this time-frame.

Domain Sales in the .COM section

What is going on with the .COMs?

In all, there are 40 Sedo .COM domain transactions, which is kind of the same compared to the 42 similar sales in last report. But, it is a much better volume than the 26 and 38 .COM sales from the two previous reports.

The chart begins with the biggest Sedo domain transaction of 2019 until now. AllMyLinks paid 700,000EUR to acquire Further on, secondly ranked, is selling at 100,000$. Also, a 6-figure domain transaction and the last one of this kind for the .COMs.

What about the weekly domain trend?

Big values seem to be exactly the trend. We count plenty 5-figure domain transactions in this category. Let’s enumerate some of the most important. So, sold at 42,000$, at 25,000$, at 20,000$, and at 12,000$.

Also, listed in the 5-figure transactions, we find: valued 10,000 EUR; and at just 10,000$.

Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

How have ccTLDs performed?

.DE domains keep the leading position. They show up 7 times in this report. Afterwards, are positioned .AI domains with 3 listings; followed by .CO, .CO.UK and .IN domains with just 2 listings per each.

Meanwhile, single entries go for: .CA, .CH, .CO.IN, .CO.KE, .DK, .FR, .KR and .ME.

The total number of domain transactions counted is 24. It is quite up in comparison to 14 and 13 similar sales of the prior reports.

What are the important values?

Let’s focus on values. The section opens with the 2-character, premium domain, selling for 79,730EUR. Next in line is registered the transaction of at 50,000$. While, thirdly placed, we have valued 26,500$.

Less valued 5-figure ccTLD operations include:, and

Other important domains, even though not at high prices, are: the single word domains sales of and; the 3-letter domains and; and the brandable domains of, and

Domain Sales in the Other section

What about new and old TLDs?

No battle at all in this report. Clearly, the old guys are in charge. To sum up, there are 9 domains registered, 8 of which belong to the old TLDs.

The section starts off with a huge hit. Specifically, the enormous 400,000$ transaction of is ranked second, exchanged at a great value of 48,216$. Moreover, the other 6 old TLDs transactions reached only 4-figure values.

On the other hand, represents new gTLDs. So, its price tag is 4,000EUR. To conclude, the chart closes with going for 2,500EUR.

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