Deals at Sedo: In top RX.COM! One Million Dollars!

Deals at Sedo: In top RX.COM! One Million Dollars!

On this merged report we will direct our attention toward the most relevant deals of each category. Obviously, only transactions above 2,000$ will be counted.

Domain Deals Report

Let’s catch up on sales operated at Sedo from July 14 to August 4.

So, we are hitting the highest temperatures of this season. After the heatwave at the end of June with (sold for 700,000 Eur), we thought we won’t see another hit like that.

Have a look at deal. Yeap! You got it right, indeed! One Million Dollars. Obviously, the best domain sale of the year at Sedo.

On the whole, we reckon 199 domain deals. 78 belong to the first week, 69 to the second and 52 sold out during the very last week of the period we are focused on our analysis.

As expected, further on we will explore each domain category. Keep reading cause it’s a fascinating report for all those attracted to domain market‘s deals.

Domain Deals in the .COM section

What’s up with .COMs?

In all, we enumerate 125 .COM domain deals. Firstly, a huge 7-figure transaction, followed by 15 important deals, selling at 5-figure values. But, no 6-figure sales on sight.

.COMs reached a total value of 1,759,000$, approximately.

The section opens up with the enormous transaction of It stands as the third largest sale of the year in the entire domain market. Brent Oxley is the buyer. He spent 1,000,000$ on The auction took place on the 30th of July. Once again, Dave Evanson signed the deal. Do you remember him? Well, he is undoubtedly the best broker at Sedo.

What else? How the listing goes and what is the trend?

Second in the ranking is going for 68,000$. Also, this deal belongs to the third week of the merged report. Third comes the premium at just 35,000$. This transaction took place on the 24th of July. Next in line are for 33,000EUR and for 30,000$. Both sold during the first week of this 3-weeks merged report. These are the most significant deals in the .COM section.

As for the trend, the most frequent, in this part of the chart, are two-word domains. Let’s mention some of the top ones. Thus, we find listed:,,,, and many others.

ccTLD Domain Sales

What is going on with the ccTLDs?  

To sum up, there are 63 domains registered and the entire amount reaches approximately 315,000$. It feels like ccTLD domains are performing quite well.

The German .DE domains keep being in charge, at least in volume. 20 .DE domain deals are listed. Secondly, with 6 listings is .IO extension. It is followed by .UK and .CO.UK with 4 listings per each. Meanwhile, .CO, .FR, .EU, .BE and .SE have 3 domains, respectively. While, 2 listings for .US and .NL domains.

And at last, the single entries. So, in this category we find: .COM.BR, .COM.AR, .ES, .AT, .TV, .ME, .CN, .CL, .IN and .JP domains.

What about top deals?

Well, values are not that important, but we do have five 5-figure deals in top of this category.

It starts with at 16,000GBP, to continue with and, respectively at 15,000$ and 13,000EUR. To close up with at 10,000EUR and selling for just a bit more than 10,000$.

Even though still leading in volume, .DE domains are not part of the top 5 domain deals.

Top Deals in the Other section

How is it going for new and old TLDs?

So, not much to report. Only 11 deals realized in three weeks. As for the war between old and new TLDs, this battle is, clearly, in favor of the old guys, especially .NET domains. Meanwhile, there are only 3 new gTLDs on the list.

All in all, we count four 5-figure deals. First ranked and top domain is with a price tag of 15,500$. It is closely followed by at 12,000GBP, at 10,000EUR and at 9,888EUR. The overall value of the section is approximately 75,000$. Obviously, not that bad, yet not so plausible.

And that’s it for this merged report. To stay updated on domain sales and much more keep following our blog.






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