is in charge! Its value goes up to 40,000EUR! is in charge! Its value goes up to 40,000EUR!

Sedo Weekly Domain Sales

Let’s see what happened at Sedo domain sales from June 3 to June 9, 2019.

Weekly Sales Report exposes a considerable drop. Overall, there are only 45 domain sales. We count 26 .COM domain sales, 16 ccTLD domain sales and 6 other TLD sales.

For more detailed information by domain category, keep on reading.

Domain Sales in the .COM section

In this section, during the previous three weeks, the minimal number of domain transactions was 36 domain sales. As you may observe, .COMs had a pretty rough week afflicting, also, all of the chart.

The most important transaction for this timeframe is that of It costs 40,000EUR. There are also two other 5-figure domain transactions following In second place we have It is traded for 10,000EUR. Meanwhile, the third position goes to reaching up exactly 10,000$.

During this period, in the .COM section, we mostly encounter sale operations of pronounceable, 2-word and 4-letter domains. Well, they seem to be the trend in this report.

The most important pronounceable domains include at 6,000$, at 4,900EUR and going for 3,900 GBP. As for the 2-word domains we have selling at the price of 5,000$. Then comes at 5,000$ and at 3,500$. While, 4-letter domains are represented by the sales of for 5,000$ and for 2,550$.

the ccTLD section

Only 13 domain transactions featuring. Well, it is not nice, but the number is not inferior to that of the previous week, in the same domain category. Country leaders sort out in this order: as usually, in top are .DE domains with 4 listings, than .FR with just 2 listings and single entries for .CN, .COM.AU, .IN, .IO, .ME, .PL and .TW.

The ccTLD section starts off with two 5-figure domain transactions. leads at 20,000$. Afterwards, comes for just 10,000EUR. And that’s it for the 5-figure domain transactions.

The weekly tendency is quite mixed. There are two 3-letter domain sales, as: going for 3,500EUR and for 2,500$. We, also, observe some 2-word domains like at the price of 6,881$, at 2,500EUR and transacted for only 2,309$. There are, also, word domains to complete and conclude the trend. So, sold out at 6,000EUR and for just 2,500$.

the Other section

Curious to know about the Other section of this report? Well, once again it is a mix of both new and old gTLDs. The famous battles go on. Sales volume are quite equilibrated, thus thanks to the general value, the trophy goes to new gTLDs. is the most important domain transaction. It sold out at 6,000EUR. Ongoing, we find for 3,900EUR and for 2,800.

That is all for this report! Follow us to stay updated and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions about domains.




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