Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 25 to March 03, 2019

Sedo Domain Sales Report from February 25 to March 03, 2019

This Sedo Weekly Domain Sales Report contains transactions from February 25 to March 03, 2019.

Sedo, a domain marketplace, releases  every week a report on domains that sold above 2,000$. The list is divided in three sections: .COM domains,  ccTLDs domains and Other domains.

50,000$ is the highest price showing in the chart this week. It was achieved by


The total number of domain sales above 2,000$, is 71. There are no big values or surprises. First and second positions belong to .COM domains. In the ccTLD section, German domains are in power. The situation is pretty normal, except for the Other domain category. This is the worst report in weeks for .ORG/.NET and new gTLDs.


Domain Sales in the .COM section

There are 47 .COM domains that sold for at least 2,000$ at Sedo marketplace. It is pretty competitive in front of the 36, 37 and 34 similar domain sales from three previous weekly reports.

5-figure (in US Dollars) domain sales go to: for 50,000$, followed by word domain for 22,000$, sold for 19,000$ and another word domain for 8,999EUR. Next in line, but also very closely in value, is positioned at 9,995$. Continuing on the list, most interesting domain transactions are at the price of 8,000 EUR, the pronounceable and the multi-word, each sold for 8,000$. Once again, there was variety of domain types for the .COMs.


Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

In all, there are 22 ccTLD domain sales above 2,000$. It is not much different from the 22, 21, and 24 similar domain sales from the last 3 weeks. German domains .DE lead with 9 listings, followed by .AE, .CH, .ES and .FR with just 2 listings per each. Meanwhile, .CN, .EC, .EU, .ME and .PE have single entries.


This section begins with German premium, 3-letter and single-word domain, acquired at the great price of 14,824EUR.

Next in the chart is for 12,000 EUR, followed by at 7,500$, at 7,000$ and the multi-hyphenated sold for 5,058 EUR.

The ccTLD area, also contains several single-word domain sales, as: for just 3,999$, at 2,999 EUR, at 2,888$ and sold for 2,500$.


Domain Sales in the Other section

The Other section is really short in this report. We count only 2 domain sales, which compared to the last three reports is even lower (6, 4 and 4 similar domain sales).

The list consists of one .ORG domain and the other a new gTLD domain. Domain sales featuring are: going for 3,900$ and selling at 2,499 EUR.