Best Domain Story of the Week: RED.TV at 35,000EUR!

Best Domain Story of the Week: RED.TV at 35,000EUR!

Sedo Weekly Domain Sales

We are finally back on track with Sedo’s weekly best domain stories!

A lot happened in the domain marketplace from September 9 until September 15. As usual, each category will be treated separately and only public domain sales above 2,000$ will be reflected.

Thus, we will open up with the best domain story of the week. It is all about, indeed. This precious ccTLD domain leads the chart at 35,000EUR.

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Domain Sales in the .COM section

Which are the best .COM domains stories of the week?

Overall, there are 42 domain transactions and the total value is approximately 300,000$. In top of the “hill” stands the 2-word domain at 33,000$, which is also the second best domain story in the chart.

Second place is taken by for 23,500EUR, followed by and at 15,000$ and 13,299EUR, respectively. Then, we find valued 12,832EUR. Aftewards, and show up selling at precisely 10,000$.

And that’s it for 5-figure best domain stories in the .COM section.

What is the main weekly trend?

Apparently, those featuring most seem to be multi-word domains and especially the 2-word transactions. Some additional examples to the top ones, mentioned above, are:,, and

Domain Sales in the ccTLD section

How are ccTLD domains performing?  

In summary, 18 is the number of domains registered. Meanwhile, their monetary value is around 123,000EUR.

.DE domains remain in the leading position but not alone this week. They have to share the crown with .IN domains which are, also, represented by 3 listings on this list. Next, come .BE and .CA domains with 2 listings per each. To conclude with single domain entries for .CH, .CO, .FR, .FM, .NO, .TO, .UK and the special .TV extension.

Which are the best ccTLD domain stories?

Once again the best story of the entire report belongs to a ccTLD domain. Obviously, I am talking about There is, also, another 5-figure domain transaction listed. So, costed 20,000$ holding the second place in this category. Third and fourth places go to .IN drink domains, such as and Finally, in the fifth position is a .de domain. reached only 5,000EUR.

Clearly, even though equal in sales volume with the .DE domain, .IN domains largely dominate in value.

The Other section

How is the battle new vs. old going?

It looks like there is no battle at all this week. Old TLD domains win greatly when it comes to sales volume, 5 to 1 in favor of the old guys. Yet, in terms of value, the situation is equal. So, the best domain story for this part of the chart belongs to at 25,000EUR. Next in line and last 5-figure sale, is at 11,000$.

As for the inner war between the old TLDs, .ORG domains are clearly in top. The only .NET transaction of the list is that of at just 4,888EUR.

Altogether, we have 6 domain sales featuring and a total value of 50,000EUR approximately. It is not bad at all for this section!

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