10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Most Popular CMS

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Most Popular CMS

WordPress is accountable for about a third of all websites. Learn about why the CMS is so popular and dominant in the industry.

Planning to take your business to the next level? The next step is to go online and launch your own website.

Fortunately, gone are the days where you need to code everything by hand. You can now use CMS tools to build a site for you. Of these, the most popular choice is WordPress.

But why is WordPress so popular and is WordPress the best CMS for your needs? What sets it apart from the others, such as Joomla or Blogger?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers down below. Dive right in and let’s discuss why the WordPress CMS reigns above the competition:

Built-In SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is among the most crucial elements to prioritize. Without good SEO, your site remains invisible to search engines and the public eye. How can you earn if there’s no traffic?

This is where WordPress shines. It comes with its own built-in SEO tools to help you use the right keywords and double check the optimization of each page or post.

Plugin Support

WordPress’ library of themes and plugins ranges in the thousands. You can find elaborate tools too, like Divi 3.0, which allow you to build a site with a drag-and-drop interface.

Want a plugin to add forms or image compression? Do you need better social media integration? WordPress has them all.

Price Range

WordPress costs nothing at all. You don’t have to pay to use. Simply download and build your blog site.

You can spend if you want to. You can spend on better hosting, more elaborate themes, and useful plugins. The amount you spend is in your hands, making it great for small businesses still starting out.

Mobile Optimization

Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, which means your site has to catch up. Fortunately, WordPress already comes with a responsive design, guaranteeing you can split test how your site looks and functions on different screen sizes.

High Level of Security

Yes, there will always be a few loopholes and hackers breaking into WordPress sites. That said, it’s still far more secure than any other CMS out there. This is due to the regular security updates that aim to address potential threats and security issues.

Large Community

Did you know over 30% of all websites run on WordPress? That’s the largest online community for a single CMS platform. If you ever run into issues or need other tools, it’s easy to hop on forums and get advice.

Ease of Use

Anyone can start with WordPress. It already comes with blogging tools and an intuitive interface, meaning you can start posting content in minutes. WordPress makes it really simple to handle other elements too, such as your domain name, hosting options, and themes.

Easy to Customize

Not satisfied with the basic, free WordPress appearance and tools? Don’t worry — you can customize WordPress with a quick change in theme or plugin. Most of these don’t even require any coding knowledge, ensuring anyone can customize how their site looks or functions.

Quick Start

Don’t want to spend days before you start blogging? WordPress is the right choice for you then. From downloading the platform to uploading your first blog post, it can take as little as fifteen minutes.

Open Source

It’s also important to note that WordPress is an open source platform. This lets talented programmers and designers tinker with it and design their own updates. The best bit is that many developers release these custom WordPress designs for other people to use.

Launch Your Own WordPress Site Today!

These are only ten reasons why WordPress is the best CMS out there. There are other advantages to consider too, like Shopify integration and other eCommerce benefits.

So, why wait? Why not launch your site today?

If you still have questions or you need professional help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to help your site improve!